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The Khan Academy


Boardman Schools of Youngstown of OH, USA

Go to Sleep with Bedtime Stories for Kids Recommended by Gabby


The Official Berenstain Bears Website: activities, story videos, email the bears Excellent information about reading

The Best Children's helps teachers find children's literature that supports various language arts skills and concepts

Reading Rockets: wonderful site about teaching reading (includes videos)

Cando's Helper Page: reading activities for primary grades

Into the Book: great site for teachers and students to teach comprehension skills

Vocabulary great site to put your spelling words online for students to practice

read-write-think: standards-based resources for teaching reading and language arts

Handwriting for Kids: handwriting worksheets and lined paper to print out for manuscript and cursive

Between the Lions: show on PBS with games, stories, and video clips

Florida Center for Reading Research: excellent resource for literacy centers for K-1

Woodlands Literacy Zone: interactive literacy activities

Rimes and Rhymes: Nursery Rhymes for Early Literacy

POETRY teaching poetry

Poems and songs

Write Rhymes: an interesting way to write poetry and find rhyming words


Math Chimp: videos, games, and worksheets aligned to the Common Core

K-5 Math Teaching Resources: aligned to Common Core Standards

Math Blackline Masters: for many skills (e.g., base 10 blocks, ten frames, pattern blocks, etc.) Create good quality math worksheets for many math skills

Math Magician Games: online addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division speed tests All about teaching multiplication

Johnnie's Math Page: links to interactive math tools

Lesson Corner: Create your own worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, etc.

Time for Time: Create your own time worksheets or print out pre-made worksheets

AAA Math: hundreds of pages of interactive math practice pages for grades K-8

Interactive Hundreds Chart: students can put in the multiple they want shaded on the chart

The U.S.Mint for Kids

A+ Math: math games and flashcards; you can also create and print out your own flashcards

Math Cats: an idea bank for teachers and many, many games/activities for younger and older students

Cyberchase: Challenging math games under Games Central

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics: great site for online manipulatives

Houghton Mifflin's Math-a-Rama: online brain teasers, eManipulatives, eGames, etc. by grade level:

Math Playground: word problems, math games, logic games, printable math worksheets for all levels:

Online Stopwatch: many kinds of online clocks and stop watches (great for interactive whiteboard)


ARKive--Images of Life on Earth--wonderful images and videos of animals

Macaulay Library (Cornell lab): an interesting site to find fabulous animal videos and sounds

Worldwide Telescope: amazing resource for those who like to explore the universe

Pestword for Kids: All about the animals we consider pests

National Geographic Kids: great site!

Science Up Close: Short science videos for grades 1-6

Science NetLinks: standards based Internet resources for K-12

NASA Kids Clu


Mouth Power Online: simple site to teach kids about dental health anatomy
(great animation and diagrams of body systems: supervise while watching--One section has male and female anatomy.)


National Geographic Kids: great site!

Sparky the Fire Dog: fire safety

USFA Kids (U.S. Fire Administration): fire safety

MegaMaps: print out big or small US or world maps


MapMaker from National Geographic: customize maps to download, print, or share

Mapquest: provides door-to-door-directions to anywhere

Illinois Historical Society for Kids

Ohio Historical Society for Kids

Wisconsin Historical Society for Parents and Teachers

50 States and Capitals

The Flag of the United States

Monticello: all about Thomas Jefferson

Out on a Limb: an animated story that deals with getting along

Plimoth Plantation for kids: learn about the Pilgrims and Wampanoag

Caleb Johnson's


NIEHS Kids' Pages: sing-along songs

New York Philharmonic Kidzone: a great site where kids can learn about and hear instruments, compose, etc.

Music Room: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science Songs

Phil Tulga Music Through the Curriculum: This site has some fascinating activities that link music with other areas of the curriculum.

Mrs. Jones Sing Along Songs: Lots of piggyback songs across the curriculum


Global School House

Projects by Jen: new projects every year

Monster Exchange


Web search for kids by librarians

Internet Public Library Youth Division


***edu Techer: Wow! Click on Explore valuable web tools and resources

Zamzar: free file conversion (e.g. converting a YouTube video for use in your classroom)

PowerPoint Collection of Jefferson County Schools (list of Powerpoints across the curriculum)

PowerPoint Games: templates for such games as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc. -- modify for your needs

Pete's Powerpoints: powerpoint presentation for all areas of the curriculum

Internet4Classrooms: helping teachers use the Internet --links and tutorials for learning applications


SMART Exchange: Find lesson plans and connect with teachers

Teachers Love SMART Boards

Tequipment's Educator Resource Center

Longwood Central School District (NY) SMART Board Lessons

The SMART Way to Teach: SMART Board Lessons for Kindergarten

PBS Kids Interactive Whiteboard Games

Topmarks: Interactive Whiteboard Resources

e-Learning for Kids: Interactive activities for all grade levels and subjects

SMART Board Lessons from Rockingham Schools


Fuel the Brain: Printables, interactive activities, and games (Good for interactive whiteboards)

Have Fun Teaching: worksheets, coloring pages, activities, videos, etc. across the curriculum

Super Teacher Worksheets: thousands of printable worksheets (limited free worksheets)

Worksheet Works (beta): create worksheets for English language, handwriting, math, geography, etc.

The Teacher's Corner: lesson plans, worksheets, collaborative projects, penpals, etc.

SparkleBox: lots of products to download free (including masks and props for stories)

Cybraryman's Educational Web Sites: lots of links for teachers lots of free worksheets for all subjects by grade level

ThatQuiz: great site to make online multiple choice quizzes in any subject area or math tests

Thinkfinity: excellent site that provides high-quality standards based Internet content and professional development for K-2 teachers and students in all areas of the curriculum

Stenhouse Publishing: Many professional books to read online a site where you can create your own simple web page for communicating with students/parents; make flashcards for your students to access

Learning downloadable worksheets, books, lesson plans, etc. (free membership to this site) This site has tons of downloadable leveled books, guided reading lesson plans, worksheets, decodable books, phonics flashcards, alphabets books, etc. This is a subscription site.

Teachers Net: includes mailrings, chatboards, chat, lesson plans, professional journal, and lots more

You Can Handle Them All: discipline advice for 117 different misbehaviors

CHADD: information about ADD/ADHD

LD Online: all about learning disabilities

Scholastic: lessons plans, activities for kids; usually features current topics (elections, Thanksgiving, etc.)

WWW4Teachers: Lots of teacher tools

Puzzlemaker: Teacher or students can create puzzles of increasing difficulty

Personal Educational Press: can make bingo boards, flashcards, word puzzles, etc. lesson plans, rubrics, worksheets, worksheet maker, etc. This is a subscription site, but they offer many free things.

DLTK cards: Make your own certificates, bingo cards, bookmarks, calendars, etc.

The Study Stack: an interesting place to create flashcards

Dr. Jean Songs and Activities for Young Children: many activities and printouts Online games that teachers can generate, worksheets, etc.

Word Game Boards: ready-made games and game boards to print out (also a link to Powerpoint games):


Kids Math Games

Fun English Games

Science Kids: science and technology

We Give Books: Lots of great books to read online (free registration)

Kid Info: Homework and student, parent, teacher reference resource

e-Learning for Kids: Interactive activities for all grade levels and subjects games for various skills across the curriculum

NeoK12: Educational videos, lessons, and games for school kids: all resources have been reviewed by teachers free educational videos by subject and age

NGA Kids (National Gallery of Art): great, fun activities!

Math Magician Games: online addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division speed tests

Vocabulary Building Games games, activities, worksheets for kids in K-8

Kids Know It Network: games, songs, videos, etc.

Toy Theater: collection of early learning activities by subject

ABC Ya!: Interactive activities by grade, K-5

Crickweb: a site from the UK, so you can't use the money activities, but check out the others.

Kerpoof: awesome creativity tool--Kids can make a movie, a picture, a drawing, a card, or a story

Enchanted Learning: Zoom School, Little Explorers, tons of activities (Membership available but some things are free.) games and activities across the curriculum

The Little Animals Activity Centre: games for young students

Fact Monster: a great homework help site -- has atlas, almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia as well as news and information about U.S. sports, world, etc.

Kidport: online activities by grade level and subject

Switch Zoo: just plain fun with animals

Kidspsych: interesting problem solving activities to do with your child

Educational Freeware: a good place to find web based and downloadable educational software

Professor Garfield: wonderful site with art, music, learning games, Garfield books to print out (and to print out with missing words)

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