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A Brief Lecture on Sensation and Perception by Dr. Brouk


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Sensation vs. Perception

Sensation is the process of detecting or gathering environmental information through sense organs such as the eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. Specifically:

  • The eye gathers color and light information.
  • The ear receives sound waves.
  • The nose detects smell of chemical molecules.
  • The tongue collects the taste of chemical molecules.
  • The skin detects pain, pressure and temperature.

All of the above information is converted (or transduced) into electrical impulses at sense receptors and then sent to the brain for perception.

Sense Sense Organ Sense Receptor
Vision Eye Retina
Hearing (Audition) Ear Cochlea
Smell (Olfactory) Nose Olfactory Receptors
Taste Tongue Taste Buds
Pain, Touch & Temperature Skin

Nocioreceptors (pain)

Mechanoreceptors (pressure, vibration and slip)

Thermoreceptors (temperature)


Perception takes place in the brain and it is the process of organizing and interpreting the environmental information.

Thus, the environmental information is first gathered by our sense organs and then converted into electrochemical impulses by our sense receptors before travelling to the brain to be organized, analyzed and interpreted.

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